Laughter Yoga Workshop

Have fun learning laughter exercises which increase mood, immune system functioning, build emotional intelligence and reduce pain. No sense of humor, yoga mat, fancy tennis shoes or mobility are required for this one time, introductory session. 

When:  Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 11:00 - 11:50 am

Where:  Clement Manor Center for Enrichment (CFE),  9405 W Howard Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53228

Course Fee:  $5 CFE member/ $7 non-member guest

Facilitator: Liz Pollock, Life Coach

To Register:  In person or contact Kristy Beyer at (414)546-7394, [email protected]  Registration information and form also available at:

Naked Retirement Workshop


Join me as I present a fun and creative approach to retirement that focuses on planning for the everyday life aspects of it. Learn how to make your retirement a time of life that is truly meaningful, answer the three most powerful retirement questions that will change it forever, re-invent yourself, prepare for important conversations to strengthen your relationships, and develop wellness habits for your body, mind, and spirit. New class dates and times to be announced.